Scroll Down The Activities Menu to see ALL the different physical activities we have, from Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving to Hiking and Running, and Paddle-Boarding and Kayaking to Water Skiing and Tubing!  We’ve Got It ALL!

But in addition to that, check out all our fun night-time or rainy-day games and activities too!

  • “Game Show”!  Games, But NOT Your “Typical”!  Of course we have all your typical board games that you’d expect to enjoy on any charter boat, BUT NOBODY has or does the extras that we do!   It’s more like a television Game Show.
  • Choose from
    •  “Casino Night” it’s just like Las Vegas but with a twist!
    • “The Newlywed Game” Fun for couples married or unmarried for any length of time!
    • “Name That Tune” Fun for all ages using Top 40 hits from all years and all generations!
    • “Name That Baby-Boomers TV Show”.  Just like it sounds, hear popular TV theme song from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s and be the first to push your buzzer to name the TV show.
    • “The Price Is Right”!  This might sound boring, but when you’re guessing prices of items from an adult novelty store, get ready to laugh!
    • “Electrifying Drinking Game”.   Don’t be the last one to press your buzzer when the music stops or you’ll get shocked and have to take another drink, making it harder and harder to not be the last to press the buzzer on the next round.