Rates & Discounts

Freedom offers full “All Inclusive” and “half-board” charters with luxurious accommodations, incredible space all around, and delectable meals… all at affordable rates you can’t match anywhere!

When we say “All Inclusive” we mean it!

All accommodations, three fabulous meals a day plus all snacks, appetizers and deserts and the Ship’s Open Bar that includes all soft drinks, juices, alcoholic beverages and frozen drinks and smoothies are included in our VIP All-Inclusive Package.  See The Price Chart Below!


Enjoy our $9,500 Bare-Boat Budget Package:

Our Bare-Boat Captain & Crew Only Package is only $9,500 for up to 10 people for 7 days and 6 nights.  That’s only $950 per person!  We provide the fully equipped luxury sailing yacht, FREEDOM, with captain and crew to take you anywhere you’d like to go.  You simply pay for the ship’s operating expenses and provide your own provisions and domestic duties, and leave the driving to us!   You can even provide us with a shopping list and we’ll have all your food and alcohol neatly put away for you in the fridges, freezers and cabinets ready for you when you arrive!  :)  This is perfect for those on a budget or that like to do it all themselves, or that enjoy eating meals at some of the many delicious restaurants on the islands and want to start their charter on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


Enjoy Our VIP Un-Bundled Package:

This lets you create your own Half-Board package or even less if you choose.  YOU decide the frills you want, paying for only what you want, and not paying for anything you don’t need.  To do this, simply deduct $12 per person for each Breakfast that you won’t be eating on board FREEDOM.  Deduct $15 per person for each Lunch and $24 per person for each Dinner.  We’ll still include all your alcoholic beverages as described above in our VIP All-Inclusive package.  Now create your own package… maybe you’ll enjoy all breakfasts and some lunches each day on FREEDOM with the perfect itinerary for you to enjoy dinner on shore each night at a different quaint restaurant on a different island.  Or maybe you’ll create your own package enjoying 3 Lunches on shore and 4 Dinners on shore but you want all your Breakfasts and 4 Lunches and 3 Dinners on board FREEDOM… no problem!  Just deduct what you don’t want from our prices below, customize your own vacation and we’ll take care of the rest!


SPECIAL PRICE:  Take Trip Advisor’s “Best of the Best of the BVI”:

ONLY $11,675 for 4 People, 8 Days & 7 Nights (Only $900 each additional person)

FREEDOM Special 8 Days & 7 Nights Featuring Trip Advisor’s Best BVI Beaches, Best Tiki Bars, Best Snorkel/Dive Spots, Best Attractions and, if you like, the Best Shopping!   This Special itinerary is specially planned to show you “The Best of The Best” of everything in the Virgin Islands as rated by millions and millions of visitors on Trip Advisor.  This is a very busy itinerary that showcases all the greatest and most popular hot spots in the Virgin Islands, so be prepared.  Take your vitamins, eat your Wheaties and drink plenty of fluid and get lots of rest before arriving because this is the whirl-wind trip that leaves no stone unturned as we show you all the Best of the Best, with your charter either starting or ending on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.  This Special includes your 1st night aboard FREEDOM at 5pm, guests can drop off luggage at noon.  Enjoy exploring the historic old city in Charlotte Amalie, the Best shopping at the Duty-Free and Tax-Free jewelry stores, Tiffany’s, Little Switzerland and the diamond mart.  Enjoy dinner in historic 300 year old restaurants & bars as this  ½ Board Includes 7 Breakfasts, 4 Lunches and 2 Dinners on board FREEDOM.  This Special includes famous “British Fish & Chips” Lunch at world famous Soggy Dollar and if the itinerary permits it, Dinner at the world famous Foxy’s!

And Remember… ALL Our Packages Include The Use Of ALL Our Water Toys, Speed Boat & Amenities!

Freedom can host up to 12 guests in enjoyable, spacious, air-conditioned comfort.

Prices shown below are for 7 days and 7 nights. For example, 2:00 PM Saturday – 11:00 AM the following Saturday.  We also have charters available for 5, 10 & 14 days too!

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With Freedom It Really Is Cheaper By The Dozen

Rates are easy to remember and calculate.  The first 2 guests get the entire boat to themselves for only $11,750, then each additional guest after that is only $1,000 each…

Rates Chart

WEEKLY RATES: 7 Days & 7 Nights

Call First For
11 or 12 Guests


5 Guests








Weekly Rates









Per Person









 Bare Boat Captain & Crew  9,500  9,500  9,500  9,500  9,500  9,500  10,100  10,700
 Per Person  1,900 1,583 1,357 1,188 1,056  950 918 892

Holiday Premiums:

(IF Starting Your Charter On Friday, Saturday or Sunday of Holiday Weekends, then…)

Please add 5% for 3-day weekend holidays:
ML King Day, President’s Day, Veteran’s Day & 4th of July.

Please add 10% for major 3-Day Holiday Weekends:
Memorial Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving.

There Is NO Holiday Premium Charge For ANY Holidays Listed Above IF You Start Your Charter On Tuesday, Wednesday Or Thursday.

Please add 15% for Holidays:
Christmas and New Years
8 Guests Minimum Preferred

Generator & Air Conditioning:
Charter boats in the Caribbean typically run their generators for about 6 hours each day to recharge batteries, run the hot water heaters and to cook.  To best accomplish this, we operate the generator while preparing meals, usually: 2 hours while preparing breakfast, 2 hours at lunch and 2 hours at dinner.

While most boats don’t normally run air conditioners all day or all night, YOUR comfort is MOST important to us, therefore we do offer the option to run the generator and air conditioner all day from 8am-8pm for $50 per day, and from 8pm-8am for $75 per night to cover a portion of its operating costs for fuel & oil.  This can also be added at any time during the trip if you like.

Gratuities are not included:

Gratuities are paid at the end of the charter, calculated as a percentage of the total charter amount. 5% per crew member, with a 15% minimum is considered the average minimum amount for good service, with 6% -7% per crew member paid at charter guest’s discretion for a larger more deserving crew providing exceptional service… However, it is completely up to you and at your discretion how you choose to fairly adjust these gratuity amounts up or down in direct relation to the level of service you were provided and the fun you had.