Groups & Specialties

“Adventure Has No Boundaries In A Place That Has No Corners”

Yes It’s True… We Specialize In Specialties! Special Group Charters That Is…

· Types of Charters:

We cater to special groups. With your input, we can put an entire itinerary and list of activities custom designed with your group in mind. Be sure to see our list of suggested itineraries and activities.

Ssssssshhhh……. Listen….

I’m pretty sure one of these is calling your name…

· Family Vacations & Reunions (our specialty) – With activities for everyone from grandma to the kids.
· Church Retreats
· Couples Retreats
· Executive Retreats
· Weddings, get married at sea by our Captain, or on a deserted island by our minister, then honeymoon in the “not so Virgin Islands” with your wedding party aboard Freedom
· Friends Forever groups
· Swim teams
· Dive Groups
· Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
· Specialty Groups for ANY lifestyle. We excel at catering to EVERY lifestyle, just ask!

· Ask about our special 1-week troubled teens program each June, designed to teach responsibility, respect and build confidence and teamwork while discovering their true potential to be all they can be. One week in June is for 12 teen boys, and the following week is for 12 teen girls. You do not need to put together your own group for this, as this program is sold individually. Kids will be sharing cabins and sleeping on deck, and will have 24/7 access to cell phones to call home, and parents will have 24/7 access to live streaming video cameras onboard Freedom.

· If someone in your group is celebrating a birthday, tell us ahead of time and we will have a birthday cake with homemade ice cream and print their Greek, Roman,
Chinese astrology as a souvenir suitable for framing.

· When you bring kids, we bring games! Plenty of fun games and activities to educate and keep them entertained making this their most favorite vacation too.

· Treasure Hunting. Yes you might already know that we are a full-fledged live-aboard dive boat, complete with scuba tanks and all necessary dive equipment, and our own onboard air compressors to refill your tanks. But what you might not know is that we are also a treasure-hunting boat equipped with underwater metal detectors. If you’ve ever dreamed of finding some of the hundreds of millions of dollars worth of lost sunken treasures of silver, gold and platinum believed to be go down with several different pirate ships that now rest below in Davey Jones’ locker, then you’ve come to the right place. Even if you don’t find a solid gold bar, there is a good chance you will find an old cannonball or pirate’s rum bottle dating back to 1717 from Blackbeard’s ship.  Several of our guests have found many old Spanish coins dating back to the 1500-1700’s and British and US Coins dating back to the 1700-1800’s.

· Restful Retreat, Don’t be overwhelmed by the exhaustive list of Activities Available that we offer. This is intended only to show you what is available, not to make you feel guilty if you don’t participate in all these activities. There is ALWAYS the restorative, balmy sunshine, sea breezes, beach combing, and gourmet dining for those who desire a more restful adventure. And if you’re an executive escaping the rat race and you don’t know how to relax, we are experts at teaching you how!

“Everything Under The Sun Is About To Get Better”

Activities Available: A New Adventure Everyday

· Snorkeling
· Hookah or Snuba diving, (diving with a long hose so no tanks and no scuba license is required)
· Scuba diving
· Treasure Hunting with underwater metal detectors
· Underwater photography
· Fishing
· Kayaking
· Paddle boarding, (stand up paddle boards)
· Shell collecting, learn local crafts to turn your shells into a vacation souvenir
· Every relaxing fun in the sun water toy imaginable, floats, mats, noodles & more!
· Water skiing
· Wake boarding
· Knee boarding
· Tubing
· Water pull toys
· Karaoke
· Tropical beach bar hopping
· Hiking
· Trivia contest
· Name that tune
· 2,500 in cabin movies on demand
· Under water video cameras

Live Life On Another Level

Whatever you want, we can deliver, “An Ocean Of Dreams”

Specialty Services:

· Multi-denominational and non-denominational weddings. No matter what you’d like, we’ll make it happen. If you want an underwater wedding we can deliver it, complete with photos and videos to share with your friends back home!

· If you want a week away with the guys, maybe an extended bachelor celebration catching big fish, or scuba diving, or underwater treasure hunting, you’ve come to the right place.

· If you want a week away with the girls, maybe an extended bachelorette celebration being pampered, or to get in better shape for your wedding day losing a few pounds and getting a nicer tan, you’ve come to the right place. Maybe you’d even like to take advantage of the coconut sun massages.

· If your company wants a team-building week for its sales team, we have ideal space for holding your sales meetings after early morning scuba diving on the reefs.

· Several classes are available to choose from:

o Morning Sunrise yoga stretch
o Mid-Morning Aqua Aerobics
o Boot camp fitness workout
o Food & Nutrition is better tasting than you think (nutritious alternatives)
o Scuba diving lessons, (become certified during your week with us)

· Freedom offers THEE Most comprehensive Boy Scout training adventure available anywhere. Some of the summer camp and scouting merit badge classes include:

o Learn history of Virgin Islands from Pangaea until now, with focus on geologic formation, Human occupations, pirate legends, and purchase by Britain and US

o Learn Indigenous flora and fauna, with focus on poisonous and edible plants & insects. (In this course you will make and eat a delicious salad from plants, seaweed & insects that you find on the island)

o Learn to sail
o Learn knot tying
o Navigation
o Night time navigation by the stars
o Chart plotting
o Survival skills
o Snorkeling and diving
o Fishing
o How to clean and prepare fish to eat with no fire and no heat
o Identifying all types of fish, coral, seaweed and underwater plant life
o Eco rainforest hiking
o Rappelling
o Zip line through the rain forest
o Hike up fresh water waterfalls
o Swim in phosphorescent natural fresh water luminescent pools
o Put your group of 10 scouts together plus 2 scout masters or parents and provide us with an advance list of the merit badges your group needs, and we will complete the list before the end of the adventure.