Equipment & Toys

Freedom Is Loaded With All The Toys & Equipmen For

Fun, Exploration, Exercise  & Adventure!

If you take all your most favorite toys and entertainment equipment that any other charter boat has, put them all together, and THAT is what you’ll find on Freedom… PLUS Much, MUCH More!

Yes of course we have ALL the basics, but in addition to all of that, we also have a powerful 26′ power boat with a 225 HP outboard engine to zip you around, and all the water ski and wakeboard equipment you’d ever want… even high speed three person towable toys!  And with our hydraulic front end gang-plank, it’s always easy for your to simply walk off the speedboat to the beach and back again.  We can even lower the gang-plank for swimmers to easily just swim right into the boat!

Freedom also has multiple kayaks, plenty of snorkel gear for everyone, floaty mats and noodles, floating islands and even a 6′ x 20′ floating lily pad that you can actually walk on.

And for you dive enthusiasts or even beginning divers, Freedom has two dive compressors so you can SCUBA dive all day every day without ever having to go ashore to fill your tanks!  Freedom even has high-quality rental dive gear so you don’t have to bring all your equipment with you on the flight down!

But What About All The Things Freedom Has That Nobody Has? 

Available Exclusively On Freedom.  No other charter anywhere offers all these things found only on Freedom:

  • And Speaking Of Diving… Freedom even has a hookah/snuba dive system that allows non-certified divers of any age to enjoy the same diving adventure as certified divers, but without all the heavy air tanks and equipment.  You’ll simply put on a mask and fins and an air regulator with a long 60’ air hose connected to our compressed air system that delivers fresh air right to you.  No heavy tanks, no heavy equipment, and no certification required.
  • Robot Bartender:  Yes you read correctly, a completely automated and robotic bartender named Isaac, (remember from Love Boat?).  Simply select your drink choice from a menu of over 200 drinks and let Isaac do the rest.  Not sure what you want?  Or feeling adventurous?  Then push the roulette button and Isaac will choose a drink and mix it up for you. You just decide if you want to push the button to make it a double or not!
  • Frozen margarita machine:  But not just for margaritas.  Any drink that the robot bartender Isaac makes, you can turn it into a frozen drink.  Don’t want a frozen margarita?  How about a frozen daiquiri or frosty mud slide, or even an all natural virgin fresh fruit smoothie.
  • Karaoke:  We’re often surprised by the talent that our guests have and we love to help you showcase it.  We have a complete professional karaoke system that will support up to six singers at once.  This makes for a really fun night on the boat, or if you’re good enough, we’ll help you perform your own concert for an audience of tourists and locals at our favorite beach.
  • Underwater Video Cameras:  Turn on the Freedom Channel and see what’s happening under the sea, right below the boat.  That’s right! Every time we drop anchor, we set up the Freedom cams so you can see what’s happening under the sea, day or night.  It’s like having your own ever-changing aquarium 24 hours a day.  If you don’t feel like diving but want to see what’s going on, turn on Freedom Cam.  If your spouse or kids are divers but you aren’t, then watch them dive and see what they see while you watch from the dry comfort of the boat enjoying your favorite frozen island drink.  And since the cameras are fully equipped with high powered underwater lights, your spouse can even “take you” night diving without you even getting wet!
  • Stay Connected:  Freedom is a traveling WiFi “Hot Spot”.  Whether you need to video conference for business, or to show your jealous friends what you’re doing in the tropics while they scrape the snow off their car, or if you just want to chat with friends or send an email, you can do it all from Freedom.  When you need to keep in touch… we’ve got ya covered baby!
  • Coconut Massage:  Just like it sounds, this is a full body massage using pure coconut oil that’s been warmed in the Caribbean sun. Performed under the heat of the sun, nothing heats the oils, warms the skin, relaxes the muscles, soothes the mind and rejuvenates the body more than this!
  • Online GPS Tracking 24/7:  Yes that’s right, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your friends and family can go online and track your travel adventures and sailing progress in real time.  Just send them this link, then using a standard browser, they can zoom in on Google Earth satellite maps and see exactly where you’ve been and exactly where you are right at that moment. Try it and see for yourself right now, click this link,.  You and your friends can always see exactly where Freedom currently is and where it’s been. Click Here Right Now to see where we are and what we’re up to!

  • GoPro Underwater HD Camera/Video Camera:  Freedom makes this camera available for you for the entire length of your vacation on Freedom.  These rugged little cameras are not just for underwater!  They take excellent photos and videos with sound above water too!  Just bring your own USB drive to save all your pictures and videos to and you’ll be sure to capture all your vacation memories.
  • LIVE Video Streaming From Freedom:  Freedom has a live streaming video camera so when you’re on vacation sailing the beautiful Virgin Islands, your friends and family can see the life and the dream you’re living. Call your friends at work from Freedom’s onboard cell phone and wave to them on LIVE Video drinking a frozen drink in your swimsuit, while they’re working at the office after scraping snow off their car to commute 2 hours to the office.
  • Over 5,000 Movies On Demand:  That’s right, you’re in the middle of the ocean, 1,500 miles from the mainland and on Freedom you have your choice of over 5,000 movies, On Demand, and hundreds of very recent released movies that you control on your 48″ LED big screen TV.
  • 3D TV:  Freedom Does It Again!!!   We are proud to be the ONLY charter boat in the entire Caribbean offering a 3D video library that you can enjoy on our 50″ big screen Super Hi-Resolution LED TV.  We’ve got the movies and the glasses and we’ve even got popcorn for you.   All that’s missing is YOU!
  • “Game Show”!  Games, But NOT Your “Typical”!  Of course we have all your typical board games that you’d expect to enjoy on any charter boat, BUT NOBODY has or does the extras that we do!   It’s more like a television Game Show.
  • Choose from
    •  “Casino Night” it’s just like Las Vegas but with a twist!
    • “The Newlywed Game” Fun for couples married or unmarried for any length of time!
    • “Name That Tune” Fun for all ages using Top 40 hits from all years and all generations!
    • “Name That Baby-Boomers TV Show”.  Just like it sounds, hear the TV theme song and be the first to push your buzzer to name the TV show.
    • “The Price Is Right”!  This might sound boring, but when you’re guessing prices of items from an adult novelty store, get ready to laugh!
    • “Electrifying Drinking Game”.   Don’t be the last one to press your buzzer when the music stops or you’ll get shocked and have to take another drink, making it harder and harder to not be the last to press the buzzer on the next round.