Your Crew
Zen Len
Our multi-talented First-Mate and Chief Engineer, Zen-Len’s years of service as a U.S. Marine, SWAT Officer, Rescue-Diver (including astronaut & space shuttle), Firefighter, and Paramedic means your safety is assured on Freedom. As a Master Captain, DiveMaster, and Boy Scout Leader (not just a Life Scout, but a “scout for life”), coupled with his ever-patient and pleasant demeanor, Len will help you get the most from your onshore nature and beach excursions, and any water activity… from sailing, to paddling, water tubing, to underwater fun. Zen-Len is a life-long student of nutrition & fitness; religion, philosophy & spirituality; and reflexology, Reiki, & therapeutic massage. His love and respect for all beliefs, mankind, the sea and nature is equaled only by his thoughtfulness and respect for all living creatures large and small. Let this “Old Soul” share some ancient wisdom (from Aristotle, Buddha, Confucius… to Zou Yan), or sooth away your aches from the day’s adventures. Greet the sunrise with a little yoga, rediscover your youth with secret Tibetan Rites, or enjoy his creative & delicious “healthy alternatives” at the juice bar, snacks, or dining. Zen-Len is Freedom’s adventurer… an eclectic dichotomy of left & right brain.
Think of Fredrick as your personal Cruise Director, as no one is more suited than he is to help you plan your sailing itinerary and all your recreation and entertainment activities, to keep you as busy or as relaxed as you choose to be. With extensive experience in the hospitality industry (operating hotels, night clubs, and supper clubs), and as an event planner for large conventions, weddings, giant parties and boating events (from regattas to flotillas), Fredrick can work magic to give you YOUR dream vacation of a lifetime. As a much sought-after DJ in the Miami South Beach club & party scene, Fredrick knows what it takes to keep guests busy and entertained, or how to create a relaxing atmosphere where you can indulge your quieter side.
A former Hobie sailboat champion, enduro motorcycle racer, sky-diver, hypnotherapist, and world traveler to over 55 countries, Fredrick still enjoys his hobbies playing guitar, singing, photography, specialty cooking, and of course: being an avid boater (with a Master Captain’s license and 35 years’ experience as a scuba diver). So whether you want your days relaxing or adventurous… and your nights quiet & romantic, or a wild night of tiki bar-hopping “Island Style”… he’s got you covered. Whatever your dreams are for your vacation, Fredrick will make them happen.
Leigh Ann
Freedom’s First Lady, Leigh Ann loves infusing her passion for boating, the sun and the sea, with her tropical specialty cooking — mixing exotic flavors with local island cuisines, creating delectable delights that you won’t find anywhere else. And “big things come in small packages” with this former bikini model that also holds a Master Captain’s license and is PADI scuba certified. Leigh Ann operated a very popular boutique Bed & Breakfast (accommodating 11 guests) so she really knows how to cater to your special needs. With her down-home Alabama charm, this Southern Belle was the number one rated “host mom” five years in a row to collegiate foreign language students, getting top ratings in all three categories for her meals, accommodations, and hospitality.
It’s Leigh Ann’s attention to detail that’s sure to give you a vacation you will never forget.  And those vacationing with kids will enjoy Leigh Ann’s “Freedom Kids” activities — filling their time with supervised fun so that Mom & Dad can have a little “Freedom” too… Freedom to dive, Freedom to explore, or Freedom to just relax in the sun knowing their kids are well cared for nearby. It’s almost like having your own “nanny” or “Au Pair” so you can experience and enjoy “TRUE Freedom” on your Dream Vacation of a lifetime.