Hookah Diving

 For those that are not certified SCUBA divers, we offer Hookah Diving, or “SNUBA” which comes from the words, “Snorkel & SCUBA”.  This allows anyone to enjoy the same experience of underwater exploration, without all the normal bulky equipment of heavy dive tanks and Buoyancy Compensator Devices.   With only one hour of instructions, you’ll be off and swimming, exploring the tropical reefs and aquatic marine life, just as you see in these photos of our guests on board FREEDOM.  These are actual photos of a family vacationing on FREEDOM enjoying our SNUBA system.

SnubaDivingOnFreedom1 SnubaDivingOnFreedom5 SnubaDivingOnFreedom4 SnubaDivingOnFreedom3 SnubaDivingOnFreedom2 SnubaDivingOnFreedom6